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Airline logos from around the world

A large collection of airline photos & descriptions of airline logos & aircraft markings from many of the world's airlines by country. Airline logos came about while I was on holiday in Birmingham; there were a lot of low flying aeroplanes heading to and from Birmingham International Airport, some aeroplanes had logos or coloured markings on the undercarriage, or names of the airlines quite large that were visible from the ground, others had tail logos/markings but I couldn't see the name of the airline from the ground, I wanted to find out what airline had each logos or tail markings I had seen.

.Airline Logos

Look through the list of Countries on the left to find out which Airlines are from each Country. On each countries page there are the photo's of the different airlines, a brief logo or aircraft markings description, some history for that airline and aircraft fleet information.

International Airline Logos - All in a row!

Photo taken at Manchester Airport, October 4th 2008

Photo taken from Terminal one viewing platform, I was only there for about 20 minutes and saw many different Airlines, from all over the world.

Including: First Choice,, PIA - Pakistan International, Qatar Airline, Air France, Dragonair, Finnair, Spanair, BMI, Monarch, British Airways, and more.

I hope you find what your looking for, please keep looking as this information will be updated for all airlines and countries they fly to that I can find. These are a few obvious logos but its not just these standard logos that distinguish an airline they have coloured tails, marks on the undercarriage or wings, also obviously the Airline name which are also visible to help recognise them.

The airlines have there standard logos but they are not always easy to spot from the ground, the aircraft for each airline have different colours and designs that distinguish the airline and complement the airline logo.

I have added a small section about the history and Aircraft fleet on each Airline.

Take a tour of, through the different countries to view their Airlines and some great photos

Keep looking for new airlines added from around the world.

See fantastic aircraft photos with airline logos from around the world.

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